Want an ebook to sell?

I pride myself on having a quality ebook product.

My ebook “Write A Best Selling eBook” is based on my experience since 1996 selling ebooks, that’s before Kindle, Google or Paypal got started!

I’ve had $1M lifetime sales of ebooks online, and provide 90 pp. (8-1/2″ x 11″ ) about:

  • 4 Steps to selling an ebook that begin with “T”
  • 5 Ways to know you have a bestselling ebook that begin with “U”
  • Which ads have made double the sales for my ebooks
  • How to set up Google Adwords advertising, Paypal payments, Amazon Kindle (through the bonus video provided) and much much more.

To sell my ebook, just get go to to get a clickbank id. Then use the link: “http://[insert your clickbank id]” to promote my ebook. You make 60%!

Ways to make money off of my ebook (you make roughly $18 a copy) are:

  • promote the book by telling others on your mailing list that they have an opportunity to write a best selling ebook and point them to my site with your link
  • create a site of your own or use an existing site of your own and link back to my site with your link–you can always do search engine optimization on your site to get more exposure for the link
  • advertise using your link
  • make a video using your link

If you have any questions just write Noelani_Rodriguez@Yahoo.Com  I will answer every email to the best of my ability. Aloha!

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  1. andrew says:

    I like to sell your ebook on clickbank

    • admin says:

      Great! I appreciate that. Let me know if you have any questions/feedback. You can contact me on the contact page. Thanks.

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