How to Sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle?

Sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle

How to Sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle

You’ re ready for the laptop lifestyle aren’t you?

Ok, here’s how to sell ebooks on Amazon Kindle.

  • Know about Amazon Spike Day. That’s where you get your following to download your ebook all in one day so that you can spike your sales into the top 10 for your category. You can even take a picture that you are a top seller on Amazon! You’ll also get additional sales in the future as spiking into the top sales for a day features your ebook more prominently on future days.
  • Know about other Authors in your field. You can track other Authors in your field and find out what category they are in, and even be featured as a suggested ebook when their books come up.
  • Know about Categories with low competition. There’s ways to see which Categories have the lowest competition, where you can rank more easily in the Top Ten for your field!
  • Know about Keywords. There are certain keywords that prospective buyers type into Amazon Search to find a book like yours. So for a book on marketing ebooks the prospective buyer might type “marketing ebooks” or “how to market ebooks.” The more you know your keywords and place them in the book title or subtitle of the book the better off you are!
  • Don’t make ridiculous mistakes. Some Authors start off in the wrong Category and then they lose all their sales stats if they change. One Author signed up as a Vendor instead of an Author and ended up printing her own spiral bound book for Amazon to sell as a used book! Instead she could be using Createspace, Amazon’s Print-On-Demand service to sell her books, or just sell ebooks. The problem is if you sign up the wrong way then change your account in any way later you might have to start over, your sales stats might not show.
  • Know about Countdown Timers. That’s where you start out your ebook at a promotional price, then raise the price after a certain date. This helps initial sales which will help promote your ebook.
  • Get good reviews. You’re not going to write a less than great ebook are you? If you were Amazon Kindle, would you promote your ebook if your ebook had less than good reviews? Hmm? ;O)

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