4 Signs You Have a Bestselling eBook

4 Signs You Have a Bestselling eBook

4 Signs you have a Best Selling eBookSome people know I’ve made $1M lifetime sales in ebooks online, and that I’ve been selling ebooks for almost 20 years!

I know the thrill of writing a bestselling ebook.

How do you know you have a best selling ebook? Here are four signs:

  • The title– 50% of book sales happen because of a hot title. It is no different with ebooks. Remember titles like “4 hour work week?” Or “Think and Grow Rich?” The good news is, if you have a hot title for an ebook, you’re 50% on the way to having a bestselling ebook online, and early retirement.
  • The traffic–if there are more than 50,000 searches for your topic on search engines like Google, then you have the kind of traffic that can ensure lots of sales. For example, the word “credit score” gets a ton of traffic, 350,000 searches a month last time I checked. Try Wordtracker or Google Keyword Planner.
  • The solution-People don’t buy ebooks they buy solutions. Hot titles that fly off the shelves–”Four Hour Work Week,” “Love for No Reason,” “Win Friends and Influence People.” They all offer solutions to a problem.
  • Marketing your ebook-The best way to market your ebook is to find out what’s already working for other people, right now it is great blog articles, affiliates, videos and articles all linking back to your site. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Advertising or any kind of free traffic when done in combination with a good web page can really make you successful.

I wish you a great book title, high volume traffic potential for your topic, a book that promises a solution and some ebook marketing friends that will tell you what works for them lately. Hopefully I’ll become one of them.

Noelani Rodriguez is a bestselling Author and Ebook Publisher. She consults on the topic of  marketing ebooks. She also has a book called “Write a Best Selling eBook” that includes her step by step marketing secrets for selling ebooks successfully online.

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