How Much Can You Make With eBooks?

Your laptop can be an incredible goldmine.How Much Can You Make With Ebooks

You probably have some things that you have written on it, like ebooks, reports, or documents.

Here’s why you can start earning with ebooks today.

You can blog by just taking chapters of your book and putting them online. Period. You can sell advertising with Google AdSense right away.

Your blog can even be a free one like Blogspot.

So these are the steps:

  • start a blog on your own site or Blogspot
  • take your ebook and cut-and-paste it to your blog
  • started Google AdSense account and start running advertising on your blog

There are 16-year-olds doing this and making from hundreds to thousands of dollars a month.

Sound good? I thought so.

Noelani is a Marketing Consultant and Author of Write A Best Selling eBook.

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  1. joji says:

    Can fiction novel sell well on amazon? Where is the best site to sell my ebook?

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