Write eBooks | What’s the Best Topic for eBooks?

Ready to make your next ebook a bestseller? Having a hit ebook means, among other things, having a hit topic.

How To Choose The Best Topic For Ebooks

How do you know you have a hit topic for your ebook? Look for an ebook topic that has more than 50K searches on Google each month.

For example, the term “loan modification” has 550,000 searches a month online on Google alone! A topic with this many searches has a lot of people interested and can generate alot of sales.

By contrast, a topic like “flower garlands,” a head decoration created for weddings, has 150 searches a month on Google.

How do you find out how many searches your topic is getting? Google has a “Google Traffic Estimator Tool.” This tool will show you how many Google Searches your topic is getting.

Here are some sample search terms–the terms with more than 50K local searches (searches in your country), make a good ebook topic.

Search Terms on Google
Global Searches Local Searches
autism 4,090,000 2,240,000
loan modification 301,000 246,000
get a grant 135,000 90,500
flower garlands 14,800 5,400

Have fun with the Google Traffic Estimator Tool. It’s addicting! Especially when you know you’re on the way to writing a best-selling ebook.

Note for techie folks: Google Keyword Tool used to suggest keywords and give traffic estimations. That tool has been phased out.What’s the best alternative for Google Keyword Tool? Although I talk about the Estimator tool here. Google has a Keyword Planner tool for suggestions now and there is also Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool and UberSuggest.org.

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