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Want to Write An eBook?

I’m sitting here wondering about all the people typing “write an ebook” into the search engine today, and knowing I really want to talk to them!

Write an eBook | Hawaii | Noelani Rodriguez

Write an eBook and then take some surfing lessons while it sells itself

I’ve had 10 ebooks sell and my bestselling ebook sold 70,000 copies online!

What is it like to Write an eBook?

What’s it like to write an ebook that sells that many copies?

  • you have a work free day, sometimes even for years
  • you get to travel to Spain, Scotland, many other places like I did
  • you get to create community with like minded people online if you like and communicate about the subject in your ebook.
  • you get to “kick it” in Hawaii like I do a few months out of the year.

I don’t want to brag and this is not about money– you have a heart and soul and something you really enjoy talking about. Famous book Author Arielle Ford says 84% of people have a book inside them they want to write. I would change that to 84% of people want to write an ebook!

How Do I Write an eBook? | 3 Tips

So how do you write an ebook and have success with it? Here are a few tips:

  • your ebook does not have to be so many pages –  I grossed $4K a month with one ebook that had only 13 pages! If your ebook has value, then that matters more than pages. That ebook is about business credit by the way.
  • you can write it in front of the TV ! Ok, I don’t watch TV like I used to this used to be my favorite way to write. There’s also my new way which is just taping myself teaching a class. I love this new way to write an ebook.
  • you can know your ebook is a bestseller before you start! Check out Google Keyword Tool and if your topic gets more than 50K searches a day, it can be an ebook bestseller! For instance, “Crohn’s Disease” or “Stop Foreclosure” are examples of phrases with lots of searches, 50K and 500K respectively. If your topic gets over 50K searches, you can make a living on that ebook.

Want to know more? Check out my story about making money with ebooks and more info here. Write an ebook so I can say “I knew you when.”

Noelani Rodriguez has sold over $1M lifetime sales in ebooks. She talks and consults with folks all over the world about how to write an ebook..

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  1. Gladys says:

    Hi Ms. Rodriguez
    Thank you for your article on writing an e book. I just completed my first one. I had someone formatt it and now I am I the process of changing the type of free blog I have to a Thesis Frame. I started on my second one as well.

    Thank you

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