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Some of you know I’ve been self publishing ebooks for 15 years, and have sold over 70,000 copies of ebooks online as a self-published author.

Balboa Press / Hay House just contacted me. This is because I wear another hat as a Psychic Reader and “New Age Spiritual Counselor.” I have an ebook on Psychic Abilities  called “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days.”

How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days | eBook

So ironically, many people avoid self publishing ebooks because they think there is an “either-or” proposition, that they have to choose between self publishing ebooks and traditional publishing deals.

But guess what, you can get traditional publishing offers through your ebooks. I had a writing partner once and she got three book deals through her ebooks! She was a great writer on the subject of bipolar disorder. I prefer to be self published, although I am always open to publishing deals.

Being a good writer helps of course, but having a website with a self published ebook is key, and it helps you get published with ebooks!

So guess what happens nowadays–publishers, agents, all are scouring the net looking for the next cool book. They might sign you like they did my friend, and ask you to take your ebook down, or just ask you to write another book. It’s that simple.

When you write a book for a traditional publishing company, you only make 5-10% royalty (after taking away 10% each for both breakage and returns). So in other words, it is the prestige you take away to say you are a “Macmillan Author” or a “HayHouse Author.” You can also charge a lot more for consulting and speaking appearances. Famous Author Jack Canfield of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” talks about how Authors don’t make money from just royalties, they make money from a combination of public speaking and selling books at the “back of the room.”

Do you want that kind of life? Booking lots of speaking engagements as well as radio and internet interviews? With a publicity agent or trade magazine you could find the biggest radio and TV interviews to apply for. It’s an interesting life.

Usually I enjoy the casual living that self publishing ebooks has to offer. Just remember that when you write ebooks you will get a phone call sometimes, from a big wig publisher.

Don’t forget the movie Legally Blonde started out as an ebook. I’ve also known of other Authors that got offered deals to write movies, all because of an ebook.

So what’s the moral of the story in this post? Self publish ebooks and you might even hit the big time with a traditional publishing deal.



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