Sell eBooks | How Much Do I Charge For An eBook?

When we are selling ebooks, we have the freedom of price testing to find out the perfect price of the ebook we are selling. Imagine price testing with a traditional book! You’d have to print more versions of the book every time you changed the price–not convenient. eBooks are easy to price test with, and therefore find the best price for the highest sales for us.

The market knows the perfect price for an e-book. The perfect price is naturally the one that allows you to get the largest sales revenue. You must test your market at different prices: something that’s very easy to do on the internet. There is a sweet spot for pricing and it is up to you to find it. There is a price where you get the maximum sales possible for the amount of people coming to your site.

If you have a busy site, test new prices for a twenty-four hour period. If you have a new site, test your price for several days, enough time to get a few hundred clicks to your site so you can compare your clicks and sales for the given period.

Make sure you compare similar time periods. For instance, if you make more sales mid-week, in order to test a price correctly, you must test on the same days of the week. If you are testing for a day, choose similar hours of the day to start and stop your test.

Some people suggest starting with a high price and incrementing it lower during a price test. You will then be able to compare numbers for a variety of prices. This will take longer to test, but it will give you a good idea of the perfect price.

Here are some examples of some price tests: one e-book about working at home entitled Paycheck in 30 Minutes sold just as many copies at $19.95 as at $11. So the author chose $19.95 as the final price for that book.

The e-book entitled Improve Your Credit Score In 24 Hours sells much better at $12.95 than at $19.95. However, coupling a companion e-book called “16 Credit Dispute Letters” allows the buyer to buy both for $19.95. Sixty percent of the buyers do this. The author sells more than double the books at the low price, so the lowest price has the highest revenue.

Pricing can be tricky. You have to do a bit of market research to find the right price, but it is always worth the effort.

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  1. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Identifying the optimum price is crucial to the success of your ebook. If you charge a very low price then some people will consider it to be of little value, and they will likely be hesitant to invest in your ebook. If you ask for a very high price, then again you may discover that very few people want to order it. That’s the reason why choosing an appropriate price tag for your eBook is one of the most crucial aspects of writing and selling ebooks.

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