How to Sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle?

Sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle

How to Sell eBooks on Amazon Kindle

You’ re ready for the laptop lifestyle aren’t you?

Ok, here’s how to sell ebooks on Amazon Kindle.

  • Know about Amazon Spike Day. That’s where you get your following to download your ebook all in one day so that you can spike your sales into the top 10 for your category. You can even take a picture that you are a top seller on Amazon! You’ll also get additional sales in the future as spiking into the top sales for a day features your ebook more prominently on future days.
  • Know about other Authors in your field. You can track other Authors in your field and find out what category they are in, and even be featured as a suggested ebook when their books come up.
  • Know about Categories with low competition. There’s ways to see which Categories have the lowest competition, where you can rank more easily in the Top Ten for your field!
  • Know about Keywords. There are certain keywords that prospective buyers type into Amazon Search to find a book like yours. So for a book on marketing ebooks the prospective buyer might type “marketing ebooks” or “how to market ebooks.” The more you know your keywords and place them in the book title or subtitle of the book the better off you are!
  • Don’t make ridiculous mistakes. Some Authors start off in the wrong Category and then they lose all their sales stats if they change. One Author signed up as a Vendor instead of an Author and ended up printing her own spiral bound book for Amazon to sell as a used book! Instead she could be using Createspace, Amazon’s Print-On-Demand service to sell her books, or just sell ebooks. The problem is if you sign up the wrong way then change your account in any way later you might have to start over, your sales stats might not show.
  • Know about Countdown Timers. That’s where you start out your ebook at a promotional price, then raise the price after a certain date. This helps initial sales which will help promote your ebook.
  • Get good reviews. You’re not going to write a less than great ebook are you? If you were Amazon Kindle, would you promote your ebook if your ebook had less than good reviews? Hmm? ;O)

Noelani Rodriguez is a Bestselling eBook Author and Consultant about ebooks. Check out her ebook Write a Bestselling eBook.


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4 Signs You Have a Bestselling eBook

4 Signs You Have a Bestselling eBook

4 Signs you have a Best Selling eBookSome people know I’ve made $1M lifetime sales in ebooks online, and that I’ve been selling ebooks for almost 20 years!

I know the thrill of writing a bestselling ebook.

How do you know you have a best selling ebook? Here are four signs:

  • The title– 50% of book sales happen because of a hot title. It is no different with ebooks. Remember titles like “4 hour work week?” Or “Think and Grow Rich?” The good news is, if you have a hot title for an ebook, you’re 50% on the way to having a bestselling ebook online, and early retirement.
  • The traffic–if there are more than 50,000 searches for your topic on search engines like Google, then you have the kind of traffic that can ensure lots of sales. For example, the word “credit score” gets a ton of traffic, 350,000 searches a month last time I checked. Try Wordtracker or Google Keyword Planner.
  • The solution-People don’t buy ebooks they buy solutions. Hot titles that fly off the shelves–”Four Hour Work Week,” “Love for No Reason,” “Win Friends and Influence People.” They all offer solutions to a problem.
  • Marketing your ebook-The best way to market your ebook is to find out what’s already working for other people, right now it is great blog articles, affiliates, videos and articles all linking back to your site. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Advertising or any kind of free traffic when done in combination with a good web page can really make you successful.

I wish you a great book title, high volume traffic potential for your topic, a book that promises a solution and some ebook marketing friends that will tell you what works for them lately. Hopefully I’ll become one of them.

Noelani Rodriguez is a bestselling Author and Ebook Publisher. She consults on the topic of  marketing ebooks. She also has a book called “Write a Best Selling eBook” that includes her step by step marketing secrets for selling ebooks successfully online.

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How Much Can You Make With eBooks?

Your laptop can be an incredible goldmine.How Much Can You Make With Ebooks

You probably have some things that you have written on it, like ebooks, reports, or documents.

Here’s why you can start earning with ebooks today.

You can blog by just taking chapters of your book and putting them online. Period. You can sell advertising with Google AdSense right away.

Your blog can even be a free one like Blogspot.

So these are the steps:

  • start a blog on your own site or Blogspot
  • take your ebook and cut-and-paste it to your blog
  • started Google AdSense account and start running advertising on your blog

There are 16-year-olds doing this and making from hundreds to thousands of dollars a month.

Sound good? I thought so.

Noelani is a Marketing Consultant and Author of Write A Best Selling eBook.

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Write eBooks | What’s the Best Topic for eBooks?

Ready to make your next ebook a bestseller? Having a hit ebook means, among other things, having a hit topic.

How To Choose The Best Topic For Ebooks

How do you know you have a hit topic for your ebook? Look for an ebook topic that has more than 50K searches on Google each month.

For example, the term “loan modification” has 550,000 searches a month online on Google alone! A topic with this many searches has a lot of people interested and can generate alot of sales.

By contrast, a topic like “flower garlands,” a head decoration created for weddings, has 150 searches a month on Google.

How do you find out how many searches your topic is getting? Google has a “Google Traffic Estimator Tool.” This tool will show you how many Google Searches your topic is getting.

Here are some sample search terms–the terms with more than 50K local searches (searches in your country), make a good ebook topic.

Search Terms on Google
Global Searches Local Searches
autism 4,090,000 2,240,000
loan modification 301,000 246,000
get a grant 135,000 90,500
flower garlands 14,800 5,400

Have fun with the Google Traffic Estimator Tool. It’s addicting! Especially when you know you’re on the way to writing a best-selling ebook.

Note for techie folks: Google Keyword Tool used to suggest keywords and give traffic estimations. That tool has been phased out.What’s the best alternative for Google Keyword Tool? Although I talk about the Estimator tool here. Google has a Keyword Planner tool for suggestions now and there is also Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool and

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Sell eBooks | 3 Ways To Sell eBooks Online

Let’s Talk about How to Sell Ebooks

Write a Bestselling eBook | Bestselling eBook Author Noelani RodriguezWant to sell ebooks? By now some of you know that I am a Publisher that’s been selling ebooks independently for 15 years with over $1M in ebook sales online.

3 Ways To Sell eBooks Online

Ready for some tips from a pro? Ok, that sounds cheesy. But I have good stuff to share with you. Here are three things that help you sell ebooks:

  1. Use a photo – A photo of you anywhere your page will double your ebook sales. I’m not kidding. Unless it is blurry or has you doing something socially unacceptable. My picture is dorky, but it works anyway. The internet can be kinda impersonal, a photo of you makes things warm and personal–means more ebook sales!
  2. Color – There are certain colors (pastel pinks and yellows) that will turn off all the men. I’m serious! You also want to use red or orange on your page somewhere. The big companies like McDonald’s and Tide have known this for years. Red creates desire. Use it!
  3. Video – These days, it’s all about video, video. Hey, people that see your video remember your message 10x more, besides video marketing is free. People are tired of corny sales pages. Show them your stuff with a nice video about your message. Many of you have seen my site because of a video.

Ok, best of luck all. Let me know how your ebook sales are going. If you would like a full comprehensive system check out this page on how to sell ebooks.


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Write an Ebook

Want to Write An eBook?

I’m sitting here wondering about all the people typing “write an ebook” into the search engine today, and knowing I really want to talk to them!

Write an eBook | Hawaii | Noelani Rodriguez

Write an eBook and then take some surfing lessons while it sells itself

I’ve had 10 ebooks sell and my bestselling ebook sold 70,000 copies online!

What is it like to Write an eBook?

What’s it like to write an ebook that sells that many copies?

  • you have a work free day, sometimes even for years
  • you get to travel to Spain, Scotland, many other places like I did
  • you get to create community with like minded people online if you like and communicate about the subject in your ebook.
  • you get to “kick it” in Hawaii like I do a few months out of the year.

I don’t want to brag and this is not about money– you have a heart and soul and something you really enjoy talking about. Famous book Author Arielle Ford says 84% of people have a book inside them they want to write. I would change that to 84% of people want to write an ebook!

How Do I Write an eBook? | 3 Tips

So how do you write an ebook and have success with it? Here are a few tips:

  • your ebook does not have to be so many pages –  I grossed $4K a month with one ebook that had only 13 pages! If your ebook has value, then that matters more than pages. That ebook is about business credit by the way.
  • you can write it in front of the TV ! Ok, I don’t watch TV like I used to this used to be my favorite way to write. There’s also my new way which is just taping myself teaching a class. I love this new way to write an ebook.
  • you can know your ebook is a bestseller before you start! Check out Google Keyword Tool and if your topic gets more than 50K searches a day, it can be an ebook bestseller! For instance, “Crohn’s Disease” or “Stop Foreclosure” are examples of phrases with lots of searches, 50K and 500K respectively. If your topic gets over 50K searches, you can make a living on that ebook.

Want to know more? Check out my story about making money with ebooks and more info here. Write an ebook so I can say “I knew you when.”

Noelani Rodriguez has sold over $1M lifetime sales in ebooks. She talks and consults with folks all over the world about how to write an ebook..

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Get Published with eBooks

Some of you know I’ve been self publishing ebooks for 15 years, and have sold over 70,000 copies of ebooks online as a self-published author.

Balboa Press / Hay House just contacted me. This is because I wear another hat as a Psychic Reader and “New Age Spiritual Counselor.” I have an ebook on Psychic Abilities  called “How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days.”

How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days | eBook

So ironically, many people avoid self publishing ebooks because they think there is an “either-or” proposition, that they have to choose between self publishing ebooks and traditional publishing deals.

But guess what, you can get traditional publishing offers through your ebooks. I had a writing partner once and she got three book deals through her ebooks! She was a great writer on the subject of bipolar disorder. I prefer to be self published, although I am always open to publishing deals.

Being a good writer helps of course, but having a website with a self published ebook is key, and it helps you get published with ebooks!

So guess what happens nowadays–publishers, agents, all are scouring the net looking for the next cool book. They might sign you like they did my friend, and ask you to take your ebook down, or just ask you to write another book. It’s that simple.

When you write a book for a traditional publishing company, you only make 5-10% royalty (after taking away 10% each for both breakage and returns). So in other words, it is the prestige you take away to say you are a “Macmillan Author” or a “HayHouse Author.” You can also charge a lot more for consulting and speaking appearances. Famous Author Jack Canfield of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” talks about how Authors don’t make money from just royalties, they make money from a combination of public speaking and selling books at the “back of the room.”

Do you want that kind of life? Booking lots of speaking engagements as well as radio and internet interviews? With a publicity agent or trade magazine you could find the biggest radio and TV interviews to apply for. It’s an interesting life.

Usually I enjoy the casual living that self publishing ebooks has to offer. Just remember that when you write ebooks you will get a phone call sometimes, from a big wig publisher.

Don’t forget the movie Legally Blonde started out as an ebook. I’ve also known of other Authors that got offered deals to write movies, all because of an ebook.

So what’s the moral of the story in this post? Self publish ebooks and you might even hit the big time with a traditional publishing deal.



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How To Improve Your Credit Score in 24 Hours – Popular eBook Video

Here’s a great example of selling an ebook with a video…

How To Improve Your Credit Score in 24 Hours – Popular! – YouTube.

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How to Have an Ebook Bestseller – Only 2 Ways!

This video is popular on Youtube, it shows you there are just 2 ways to be prosperous and have a bestseller with ebooks!


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Is your eBook a Best-Seller? Best Selling eBooks

Find out if your ebook is a bestseller. This video will tell you how, plus it is a nice example of a video that sells ebooks.


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Sell eBooks | How Much Do I Charge For An eBook?

When we are selling ebooks, we have the freedom of price testing to find out the perfect price of the ebook we are selling. Imagine price testing with a traditional book! You’d have to print more versions of the book every time you changed the price–not convenient. eBooks are easy to price test with, and therefore find the best price for the highest sales for us.

The market knows the perfect price for an e-book. The perfect price is naturally the one that allows you to get the largest sales revenue. You must test your market at different prices: something that’s very easy to do on the internet. There is a sweet spot for pricing and it is up to you to find it. There is a price where you get the maximum sales possible for the amount of people coming to your site.

If you have a busy site, test new prices for a twenty-four hour period. If you have a new site, test your price for several days, enough time to get a few hundred clicks to your site so you can compare your clicks and sales for the given period.

Make sure you compare similar time periods. For instance, if you make more sales mid-week, in order to test a price correctly, you must test on the same days of the week. If you are testing for a day, choose similar hours of the day to start and stop your test.

Some people suggest starting with a high price and incrementing it lower during a price test. You will then be able to compare numbers for a variety of prices. This will take longer to test, but it will give you a good idea of the perfect price.

Here are some examples of some price tests: one e-book about working at home entitled Paycheck in 30 Minutes sold just as many copies at $19.95 as at $11. So the author chose $19.95 as the final price for that book.

The e-book entitled Improve Your Credit Score In 24 Hours sells much better at $12.95 than at $19.95. However, coupling a companion e-book called “16 Credit Dispute Letters” allows the buyer to buy both for $19.95. Sixty percent of the buyers do this. The author sells more than double the books at the low price, so the lowest price has the highest revenue.

Pricing can be tricky. You have to do a bit of market research to find the right price, but it is always worth the effort.

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Write eBooks | How Many Pages Should An eBook Be?

In contrast to traditionally published books where the number of book pages is usually high, in the ebook world ,ebooks can be anywhere from 10 pages to  250 pages or more.

The eBook market is more forgiving in that customers will buy your books as long as it has value.

For example, an ebook “How to Get Your eBook on Amazon” sold for $15 USD, and was 13 pages.

The ebook “Improve Your Credit Score In 24 Hours, is 35 pages. This book has sold 70,000 copies.

An ebook  about writing a publicity “pitch letter” written by Don Crowther is 13 pages.

So if the information in the book is valuable, length is not an issue. Though the longer the book, as long as the information is juicy, the more you can charge.

Some e-books, with specialized information, like a list of publicity agents around the country, are over $200 dollars.

Good luck finding a topic you know your customers will like. When it comes to ebooks, it is the quality, not quantity of pages, that matters.

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